How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Subconsciously

We all do things from time to time that get in the way of our progress, but self-sabotage is a pattern of thoughts and actions that creates ongoing problems, preventing us from successfully moving forward and facing change. To stop self-sabotaging subconsciously, it's important to develop a psychologically sophisticated understanding of how you think, prioritize one-time behaviors to reduce stress levels, use general rules for decision-making, create strategies to combat evasion and postponement, and replace negative self-talk with positive and encouraging thoughts. It's also important to make small, gradual changes and act on them slowly, take more bite-sized actions that won't derail you, learn to overcome procrastination, combat perfectionism, tolerate uncertainty, resist change in healthy ways, take proper care of yourself, engage in self-reflection to increase self-awareness, live with intention by setting meaningful goals, and develop a kind and accepting attitude towards yourself. By following these steps, you can begin to build a positive mindset and create an affirmative and confident inner voice to guide you.

This way, you can prevent your sabotaging mind from holding back and start taking the necessary risks or completing projects that could lead to growth.